Women's Youth Olympic Futsal Tournament FIFA

For the first time, the Youth Olympic Football Tournament will feature an indoor competition as part of the official tournament program. Women’s youth futsal will make its debut at the Summer Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. It’s a fast and challenging version of football, with five players on each team. The matches are played on a smaller pitch and with a smaller ball. Matches last for 20 minutes instead of the usual 45. And there are several rules to increase the speed and intensity of play. To prevent players from spending too much time with the ball at their feet, there is no offside rule, and defenders cannot tackle attackers from behind or catch them in a double tackle. There is no penalty shoot-out if a game ends goalless instead teams play again until someone can manage to score!

The Women's Youth Olympic Futsal Tournament

Futsal was played as a demonstration sport at the Youth Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Now, four years later, at the end of October, it will make its full debut at the Youth Olympic Games. The Buenos Aires 2018 Futsal competition will feature eight men’s and eight women’s teams divided into two groups for the preliminary round. The top two teams of each group will advance to the quarter-finals where they will be seeded according to their position in the preliminary round. The host nation will be the last team to book a spot in the tournament, while the other seven will be decided by a qualification process.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Futsal Coaching Course

In 2020, Mulhouse in France will host the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the biggest futsal competition in the world. With so many teams competing in the biggest event the indoor game has ever hosted, there is a real need for qualified coaches, especially in the women’s game. To prepare for the Women’s World Cup, FIFA has decided to organize a futsal coaching course for national coaches as part of the events of the FIFA Women’s Football Development Programme. The course will take place on the sidelines of the Youth Olympic Games and will be organized by the local organizing committee in partnership with FIFA. The course is designed for up to 30 participants. The course will include workshops, discussions and exchange of ideas with representatives from the Youth Olympic Games 2018, FIFA and the International Futsal Committee. The participants will be able to visit the Youth Olympic Games, experience the futsal competition first-hand, exchange ideas with other coaches and learn from experts in the field.

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a variation of football played mainly indoors with five players per team. It is played on a smaller court with a ball that is easier to control. Futsal is played all over the world and is the most popular form of indoor football. The most famous Futsal tournaments are the FIFA Futsal World Cup and the UEFA Futsal Championship.

Who can play in the Youth Olympics?

Any player who is between 16 and 19 years of age can participate in the Youth Olympics. The only exception is football, where players have to be 17 years old to participate. The Youth Olympics welcomes athletes from all over the world, from every continent and every culture. They are a great way for young athletes to get their first taste of competition at the top level.

How to qualify for the Youth Olympics?

Athletes can qualify for the Youth Olympic Games in three ways. The first is to win a medal at the preceding World Youth Championships. The second is to finish in the top eight of the preceding World Championships or the top four of the preceding World University Championships. The third is to finish in the top three of a continental qualification event.

Other notable events at the YOG Buenos Aires 2018

The football tournament will be accompanied by other indoor sports: basketball, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, indoor swimming, and table tennis. There will also be a cultural program featuring music, art, and dance.


The Youth Olympic Games are an excellent opportunity to introduce younger athletes to compete at the highest level. It is also an exciting opportunity for the indoor futsal competition to make its debut after being played as a demonstration sport at the first edition of the Youth Olympics in 2014. With so many young talented players competing in Buenos Aires, it is sure to be a thrilling event!

The Women's Youth Olympic Football Tournament is a unique and invaluable platform for young players to get international experience. The Men’s tournament is a good barometer of how the sport is growing across the world, but the women’s competition is even more interesting. The difference between the Men’s and Women’s events is that Women’s Youth Football has significantly less coverage, exposure, and funding than Men’s Football. The FIFA Women’s Youth Olympics Football Tournament is a great way to promote Women’s Football and the growth of the sport.